TheraSilver Amber Nanoparticulate Colloidal Silver Unboxing and Review

The thing with Colloidal Silver (CS) is very confusing and even the reviews and discussions on Amazon don’t help really.

After digging into all the information and double-checking against reviews and discussions I’ve found the ‘REAL COLLOIDAL SILVER” which works best, safest and save’s you also money because it’s highly efficient. The only products with real colloidal silver, which is capped and reduced and has small particle size you can buy on Amazon currently is this one:

TheraSilver Labs Advanced ACS 225:

… but check out the whole video first!

Product description
Size:1 Quart 32 Fl Oz BPA Free HDPE Plastic Bottle
TheraSilver® Amber Is Refreshing Truth About Colloidal Silver. Most Of You Are Unaware That eBay Banned The Sale Of Colloidal Silver For 3 Years. eBay Never Stopped The Sale Of Silver Biotics, Sovereign Silver, And Other Clear Silver Products. The Listings Were Simply Changed To Honestly Described Non-Colloidal Ionic Silver. There Is No Such Thing As Clear Colloidal Silver, Period. GNC, Swanson Vitamins, And Countless Sellers Of Clear Silvers Dishonestly Describe These Products As Colloidal Silver, A Nasty Sales Tactic. The Nanoparticle Is The Delivery System Allowing The Body To Absorb Orally Administered Silver. Only True Colloids Like MesoSilver® And TheraSilver® Amber Successfully Enter The Bloodstream. Nobody Else Explains It Takes 3 Weeks Of Daily Intake For True Colloidal Silver To Form A Second Line Of Defense That Does Not Interact With The Immune System. True Nanoparticulate Colloidal Silver Taken In Appropriate Dosages Daily Should Cancel The Need For A Nasal Spray To Combat A Sinus Infection. The Most We Can Say Is The Chances Of Ever Developing The Sinus Infection Is Greatly Reduced. Any Silver Product Over 23ppm Is Dangerous To Ingest. Concentrations Above 23ppm Yield Particles Large Enough To Destroy The Kidneys, A Side Effect Not Apparent For Years. Silver Proteins Are Accurately Denounced As Dangerous. The Protein Is A Thickening Agent. Vegan Thickening Agents Allow Dangerous High PPM Products To Avoid The Protein Stigma, With The Same Harmful Effects. True Colloidal Silver Cannot Be Diluted Or Exist Over 23ppm. Physical Silver Particles Do Not Separate And Become Smaller. Source Naturals Deadly 500ppm Product States That A Drop Into A Glass Of Water Creates 10ppm, A Total Lie. The Enormous Kidney Shredding Chunk Of Silver Remains. Silver Nanoparticles 100 Nanometers In Diameter Or Smaller Are Universally Considered Safe. TheraSilver® Amber Nanoparticles Average A Lab Verified Diameter Of A Mere 8.4 Nanometers. Refreshing Truth.

Product details
Size: 1 Quart 32 Fl Oz BPA Free HDPE Plastic Bottle
Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 4.5 x 4.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 2.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
UPC: 687927789852

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