Tonsil Stones Treatment With Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is now being promoted as a health product (alternative) or preventive product against various diseases. The product is believed enhance the immune system of the body by offering various anti bacterial benefits. Colloidal silver is nothing but minute silver particles (nano size particles) found in distilled water in the suspended form. This is types of a bioactive product which in enough concentration is capable of regulating and destroying harmful viruses and bacteria which causes diseases like the can even lead to serious conditions at the later stages like leukemia, AIDS, tonsil stones and Cancer.

Colloidal silver can be used for preventing various illnesses apart from diseases like it can prevent the skin from getting infected due to scratches, burns and wounds. Since they have good anti bacterial properties they can also be used for preventing various health conditions like VRSA, ear infections, Viral infections, Stomach infections and food poisoning. The products containing colloidal silver are also used for purifying water, treat infections, preserve certain beverages or drinks and also to restrict serious types of infections in the body.

But before using colloidal silver for various problems like disease, care should be taken to consider various factors related to them. It is very vital to search for good quality colloidal silver products and that too should be preferably got from professional health stores. They should consist of pure silver and distilled water. The silver particles need to be very tiny or small and should be mingled with water to provide excellent results. The colloidal silver particles should also be very pure that they should not have extra components or other protein additives that are unnecessary to the body. It means, the colloidal silver used for preventing and treating disease and other illnesses should be void of any stabilizers, chemicals and flavours in them.

The taste of the colloidal silver product should be very similar to normal water, but can have a slight metallic taste as it consists of minute nano particles in smaller proportions. The product should be stable properly without the need for refrigeration even when not meant for longer use. If the label of the colloidal silver used for treating or preventing tonsil stone reads as “Keep refrigerated” it would be a low quality product. Since it is made up of distilled or de-ionized water, the silver works like an anti bacterial product and would not get deteriorated even when stored for long.

Home Remedies for Curing Tonsil Stones

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