TrustGaia's [What is it & How to use it?] SILVER WATER (COLLOIDAL SILVER)

Colloidal silver means silver Particles in a Liquid – Which are positive charged by electricity.

It’s an ancient Knowledgde that was used to treat Bacterias and Infections.

Before the discovery of Antibiotics, Colloidal Silver was a popular Antibacterial treatment. Studies have shown that Colloidal Silver can kill a wide range of Bacteria and that the Silver Nanoparticles, which are in the in Colloidal Silver, have Anti-Inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and boost Cell Recovery. The Silver has the
capability of killing harmful Microbes and has shown signs of fighting Infection and boosting the Immune system. Colloidal silver is so effective that in 6 minutes or less after contact, the Bacterias are dead.

Colloidal Silver kills mutated Cells, Viruses and all! Colloidal Silver kills not only some types of Viruses, but future forms of any Viruses as well. In this situation we have now with Corona Virus – it would be very helpfull now, as this strong Mineral which Silver is, also has the amazing ability to fight and destroy Super-Pathogens where normal Antibiotics would fail.

You can take it as a dietary Supplement to treat Diseases like Flu, Herpes, Eye Infections, Shingles, Cancer, HIV and AIDS. You can also apply it directly to the Skin as it can help in Wound healing, improve Skin disorders such as Acne, Redness or Psoriasis.

Normally you drink it after having it in the mouth for a minute, but if you have Throat issues, you can gargle with 2-3 normal eating spoon size of the Colloidal Silver for up to 2 minutes. Repeat this up to 5 times per day until recovered. Remember to spit it out in this case, to remove the Microbes from your Throat or Mouth! It cleans the Teeths aswell for Bacterias and can cure a Gum Disease.

It stops the bleeding of a Scratch, takes the pain away almost instantly, and heals the Cuts and Scrapes quickly!

When used on the Skin, Colloidal Silver helps in healing as it rinses and treats infected areas and prevents more Infection coming.
It can also be bought as a spray for Eyes, ears, Mouth.

Breathe the Silver into your Loungs if you have symptoms of Virus or any other Cold as Bronchitis fx.
– A daily Colloidal Silver Supplements can decrease a Cold and also speed up the healing process. It’s recommended Adults get 1-3 spoons daily and do that up to 14 days.

Taking Colloid Silver on an empty Stomach and fasting for a couple of hours afterwards maximizes the Effect. After 2-3 days of this Protocol, you will have effectively killed the Bacteria and Fungus in the Gut.

Silver Water for Pets? Yes it is very beneficial on your Cat or Dog to prevent or to treat chronic Infections. It is also very effectfull for other types of Infections such as Urinary Tract, Ear and Eye Infections, Respiratory Infections and Viruses.

Silver Colloids are extremely effective at destroying bad Bacteria and do not harm good Bacteria. Another gift from Nature!

Can you be allergic to Colloidal Silver or are there Sideeffects?
Allergic Reactions = This is one of the more common Colloidal Silver side effects – People who know they have Allergies to Silver should not use Colloidal Silver Products topically or internally. The signs of an Allergic Reaction could be difficulty breathing, swelling and the development of a Rash. The most common Sideeffect is Argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the Skin, which is usually permanent. So be carefull and keep the recommended dosage.

Note = If you are taking other medicines, it can affect the absortion of the effects.

The Silver Products carry a 3-year expiration date. This means that after 3 years, the Silver content analysis would still show a reading of at least 10 ppm which is the amount in TrustGaia’s Silver Water Products.

Besides of that – to boost Immunesystem and prevent this Virus, remember remember remember your CBD oil, your CBD tea or whatever Cannabis Product you use – illness can’t survive a healthy Immunesystem, and maybe it was an idea with some White Sage which kills 99,9% of Bacteria in a room. I will talk more about CBD and White Sage in next Videos.

Here are some links to the products:

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Trustgaia disclaims that theese products is a doctor’s remedy and consult your own physician before use.

Take care my friends and be there for eachother 🙂


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