Tyndall Test On Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver

The Tyndall test is a test used to determine whether a mixture is a true solution or a colloid, and this test using a laser pen is to demonstrate that Healthwest Ionic Silver is a totally different product than colloidal silver, and in fact does not have any colloids, particles or metal.

The first beaker contains de-ionised water to be used as a reference.

The second beaker is a salt and water mix to show what can be seen when a laser is shone through the water with impurities in it, in this case, salt, with a conductivity of over 700PPM.

You can clearly see the beam as it highlights all the particulate matter in the beaker.

This is now contrasted with the de-ionised water in the first beaker which contains water that has had all the minerals removed and is pure as can be seen by the conductivity meter, which shows a PPM reading of Zero.

As you can see this does not exhibit any Tyndall effect at all because there are no particles or colloids or metals or impurities because it is pure demineralised water.

As we move to the next beaker containing Absolute 7 we can also see that there is no Tyndall effect even though it contains ionic minerals with a conductivity of 6 PPM.

In this next beaker, we have HealthWest ionic silver and there is still no Tyndall scattering because all of this silver is in the positively charged ionic form and again, there are no impurities, particles, colloids or metals.

The conductivity reading is 21 PPM and this test clearly shows that HealthWest Ionic Silver sets a new standard in the making of silver ion solutions. Truly a class of its own, and is the only manufacturer of true Ionic Silver in Australia.

As we come to the next beaker, the laser beam can be clearly seen because this is colloidal silver and contains particles of silver metal. It has a concentration of 12 PPM and the Tyndall effect is typical of what you would expect to see in these sorts of silver preparations.

I personally would not consume any form of silver that contains actual metal because I do not believe that we should be ingesting metal, and these types of silver preparation, in my opinion, should be avoided.

The last beaker is a bit of a surprise because although the concentration of colloidal silver is only 3 PPM, the laser beam is unusually strong and this indicates high levels of particulate matter or impurities and this brand of colloidal silver should definitely be avoided.

For years scientists have been trying to solve the perceived problem of unprotected reactive silver ions forming compounds in the body because they knew that it was these positively charged Silver ions that had these anti-microbial properties

Colloidal silver has been used in the past to deliver these ions despite the fact that it also contained metal.

Now that this problem has been resolved, consumers are now switching to Ionic Silver so they can benefit from the amazing anti-microbial properties of silver ions without the dangers of ingesting metals.

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