Use of Colloidal Gold as Part of Hepatitis C Treatment

Virus hepatotropic is considered as the main culprit behind development of hepatitis C infection. This virus could transmit from one person to another through blood contact. In fact, hepatitis C is a blood-borne and infectious disease.

Asymptomatic infection (during initial stage) makes it difficult to diagnose the hepatitis C during early stages. In some cases, if appeared, symptoms are confusing as it resembles to symptoms of other diseases. This fact creates hindrance in early diagnosis and timely treatment of hepatitis C.

Loss of appetite, fatigue, abdominal pain is some of the early sings and symptoms (if appeared) of early hepatitis C infection. Hepatitis C in advanced stage may produce (besides early symptoms) symptoms like depression, sleep disturbances, dyspepsia, mood swing etc.

Usually, blood test is conducted to ascertain the hepatitis C infection. However, in certain severe cases biopsy may be suggested to confirm the growth of liver infection.

Combination of interferon alpha and anti-viral drugs is most commonly used treatment for hepatitis C. However, these medications may produce certain undesired side effects and may harm the liver. There are certain alternative therapies available for treating hepatitis C.

Nutritious diet (that contents adequate quantity of minerals and vitamins) can help you in prevention/early relief from hepatitis C. Colloidal products, like colloidal silver, colloidal gold etc can help you in achieving faster results.

Colloidal gold is nothing but a solution containing microscopic gold particles submerged in distilled water. Though gold was known since ancient times as a precious metal, its medicinal properties were explored in the mid-18th century.

The main advantage of colloidal gold is that it does not produce any side effects as it is obtained from natural pure gold and does not contain any chemicals. Researches have proved that colloidal gold has the proprietary of killing bacteria, viruses and other microbiological organisms. Further, colloidal gold enhances the body immune system and regulates hormonal levels.

Using colloidal gold, as part of combination treatment, for treating hepatitis C may produce phenomenal results, as hepatitis C is a viral infection and gold is known for its property of ‘virus killing’, without producing side effects. However, you must understand that colloidal gold is not a medication for hepatitis C but surely has the property of restricting virus growth and enhancing body immune system will help you in prevention.

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