Uses For Colloidal Silver

Silver has become well known as an alternative for antibiotics, but a question many have asked is what are uses for Colloidal Silver?

It has been determined and repeatedly proven that a healthy immune system is the best way to prevent illness and disease from striking in the first place. If we are living a healthy lifestyle that encourages and supports a healthy immune system, then our chances of becoming sick reduce significantly. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Regular Colloidal Silver Use – Immune System Support

The uses for Silver are many, but some believe, it’s most vital use is it’s ability to aid in immune system support. Because some silver products have been shown to kill a wide variety of pathogens when used on a regular basis to prevent bacteria from growing, then a healthy immune system can thrive as it is not working overtime to fend off what has invaded your body. If your immune system isn’t stressed and overworked, it is able to focus on keeping you healthy, happy and most importantly disease free!

Clearly there are other factors to consider when promoting a healthy immune system, most importantly diet and exercise, but when backed up with regular use of silver, you can be on your way to enjoy a healthier you.

Uses for Colloidal Silver – When Sickness Strikes

In the event, your body has attracted some sickness or ailment, Silver can come in quite handy. Some Colloidal Silver products have been shown to be effective against some of the following common illnesses:

*Cold Sores

*Ear Aches

*Eye Infection

*Food Poisoning/Upset Stomach

*Fungal Infections

*Sinus Infection

*Sore Throat

*Urinary Tract Infection

*Vaginal Yeast Infection

Uses for Colloidal Silver – Other Ailments

Uses for Silver are not limited to treating sickness, but other ailments as well. Some of the more effective uses of silver products are:


*Cuts & Wounds

*Diaper & Other Rashes

*Insect Bites


*Water Purification

Uses for Colloidal Silver – No Prescription Needed

Considering the current economy and the estimated 43 Million Americans living without health insurance, an advantage to using Colloidal Silver products for immune system support as well as the many other uses, is it’s available without a doctor visit or prescription.

Most reputable Silver products that have been independently tested, are non-toxic and safe to use.

As with any health care product whether an alternative use, like the uses for Silver or a drug prescribed by a physician, do your own research. No one will ever hold your good health to the high standard that you will.

Source by Sheri Angell

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