Using Colloidal Silver To Cure The Flu

Do you have the flu? Do you want a possible solution? One solution that has really worked for a lot of people is colloidal silver. So, could it work for you? And what is colloidal silver? Read this article and discover the information you need!

There are all different remedies out there when it comes to flu, but they don’t really perform the job of taking away the problem.

The flu is a virus, and general knowledge says that there is no cure, but the truth is that there is a cure, and you can find it!

The first step is to understand the differences.

You see, most of the flu treatments aim at increasing your own immunity, but there are some other things that you can do.

One option is colloidal silver.

So, what is colloidal silver?

Basically, ionic silver, is real silver in a solution. So, how can silver benefit you?

Silver since antiquity has been prized as a metal we wear as jewelry, however, to the elite, it used to be a miracle cure, and this cure happens because of the benefits that come with the silver.

Silver is antibacterial, connected with the Moon and order, we find that it can destroy pathogens, germs, and a number of other things which we want to be clear of!

It amazes me that the best of the antibiotics we have, can only treat 10 or so viruses and infections.

The colloidal silver has been reported to destroy over 500 pathogens!

Many people are seeing the benefits, so why isn’t this widely known?

Pharmaceutical companies have gone the synthetic route, and it is only now that people have understood the benefits of holistic methods, and the benefits they can have, as compared with expensive synthetic options.

I have heard of cases of people with swine flu, healed thanks to ionic silver. And how long did it take to heal these people? Only a few days!

This is something totally amazing, and now that you know about it, I hope to hear of yet another person healed by this supplement.

There is no place in dietary supplements that we need silver. No not anywhere, but the truth is that it can make all the difference.

It is safe, and non toxic, so unlike many other medications, you will find that this is something that won’t have side effects, apart from possibly making you well again!

So, how do you buy colloidal silver?

Good health food stores are a great way to find options, however, there are some other route.

I have found that the best way to buy colloidal silver, is to either buy through mail order, direct mail or even buy online.

Buying colloidal silver on the Internet seems to be the best method to getting access to this amazing alternative medicine that may just work with your needs.

Source by Sarah White-Rose-Day

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