Vibrational Healing-How Water, Sea Salts, and Colloidal Silver Can Heal Most Anything, Part Three

Cell Salts

The taking of Cell Salts or Sea Salts in conjunction with the water we drink, is another infinite aspect of resonating within a state of Well~BEing. It assists us with being in a state of alignment and alkalinity. When I went through the NTHE (Near Transitional Home Experience or NDE – Near Death Experience) in September 2005 when having the gallbladder out, one of the messages Spirit gifted me with is that in addition to water our bodies as we know have a Cell Salt or Sea Salts or an electrolyte component to the body. What occurred for me during what was meant to be a routine gallbladder removal surgery (and with me I am free from anything in this Life Experience being the earth dimensional concept of routine J) turned into the conventional medicine doctors within making their initial incision, cutting an artery in which I bled to “death” and during this time experiencing the NTHE or NDE as it is known here on this earth.

When this occurred as my soul, my spirit was leaving the physical body the best way I can describe it was that I could taste salt water, as if it were salt water from the ocean but it was the salt water of the physical body. When I looked down it was as if the physical body my soul resides in was flooded with salt water. Nenari, this earth dimensional name for an Ascended Master guide who is now me, explained to me that the moment when the physical body “dies” or transforms and the spirit or soul leaves the body, that the body is flooded with salt water, water and salt as this is the essence of who we are as a Spiritual Soul BEing and as a physical being as One, that this is what we are made of. That there is what we call here on this earth dimension as a moment in time for just s few seconds that this occurs as this flood of electrolytes or Cell Salts or Sea Salts, or Salt Water as the names are called here, assist us in the transformational process from physical form into Spiritual Soul BEing. Nenari also informed me that this split second formational flood occurs although in what we would call varying amounts when we shift from physical body to Spiritual Soul BEing each time we are in what we call here on this earth dimension as bodily sleep mode.

Nenari also shares with me that research would be coming forth about this to confirm on the physical earth dimension these messages that I had been gifted with. When attempting to make sense of the messages that I was receiving during this NTHE, I remembered reading about Dr. Sam Parnia a few earth dimension years before this and asked if this was the research Spirit was referring to, Nenari said that this was some of it but that his research was limited as he is ‘only’ viewing through The Ego Self of the Soul, one of the infinite pieces of the puzzle (I am assuming this to mean now that what Nenari was referring to was the fact that Dr. Parina’s research is limited to cardiac arrest souls in the NTHE experience. You can know more about his research by reading his book “What Happens When We Die”). Then Nenari showed me an article which to me looked like it was on the internet about this research that would earth dimensionally prove the messages that Spirit was gifting me. I know exists perhaps in another dimension at this moment and is meant to be brought forth into this one.

When I was attempting to make sense out of the messages from Spirit I received and also researching what Nenari spoke of is when I came across the research on Cell Salts. As Cell Salts and Sea Salts were what Nenari kept saying to me over and over among other messages, I was unsure of what that meant as I had been free from ever hearing this term, so I did some research on what Cell Salts are. This is what I discovered. Each cell within the physical body has a component of salt, as well as, water. This is why when we cry the salt taste is in our tears, and when we bleed if we are to lick it we would taste the salt as well.

This is also what the electrolytes consist of when we go into the hospital and they place an IV into us and gift us that saline type of solution, along with other essential minerals and so on. These Cell Salts are actually what gifts us with the electrical connection of our spirit and also enables the physical body to perform its energetic physical life sustaining functions such as the heart pumping, breathing, electrical impulses to the physical body brain and so on. As these Cell Salts come into harmonious synchronistic balance within each cell of the body we shift into remembering our connection with Spirit in which way we call it, are in Spiritual Oneness within, in resonance with our spiritual gifts, and of the physical body’s animation all at Once (In Oneness essence, as One ce).

In my research I came across a man by the name of Dr. W. H. Schuessler. These are the twelve Cell Salts that Dr. W. H. Schuessler discovered that he believed are the essential salt minerals of life: Calcium Fluoride, Calcium Phosphate, Ferrum Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Sulphate, Silicea (Silica) and Calcium Sulphate. He imparted the wisdom that these twelve Cell Salts within the physical body that when are free from being consistently replenished, can cause what he calls physical ill~nesses within the body. Dr. W. H. Schuessler stated that the type of ill~ness would depend on which cell salt was free from being within the physical body and that once the balance has been restored and the cells have once more retained their function, the body could heal itself.

Each of the twelve cell salts identified by Dr. Schuessler has a specific purpose and the depletion of which he said will produce a set of symptoms. Here is a synopsis of what he believed each salt was and what it could assist with. Each cell salt has its own purpose in helping to bring body cells to a state of natural balance and provide the essential minerals the physical body utilizes along with the water and salt to bring about alkalinity and alignment. All twelve taken in conjunction may help to retain that balance. These twelve Cell Salts may be taken individually or all together in what is called Bioplasma. These Cell Salts in co~creation with the water we ingest, helps to keep the physical body in an alkaline state. One can pick the Bioplasma up at any health food store for about $15 or even online for about $9. The place online I have discovered them to be cost effective online is at, through Herbal Healer.

While Dr. W. H. Schuessler book “Biochemic Handbook: How to Get Well and Keep Fit with the Biochemic Tissue~Salts Originated” is now out of print, I was still able to discover a copy online through

Energizing the Water We Drink

There are a plethora of choices available for water drinking however, I have discovered for me personally and what I recommend is that bottled water or purified water that has at least the three minerals of Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium works or even tap water if you so choose. I utilize both tap water and bottled water. If you are free from being able to discover water with this already added and/or to enhance the water and salt combination as One within the physical body then one can use ¼ tsp. of Sea Salt for every quart (32 ozs.) of water you drink. Alternatively, one can use the Cell Salts if you so using the same earth dimensional measurement of ¼ tsp. of the Cell Salts for every quart (32 ozs.) of water you drink.

I have noticed for me personally as well as with other souls whom I have recommend this to, that the Cell Salts are a great way to begin the infinite circle of water and salt being as One, but for me they are free from having all of the fifty plus minerals that the body needs. Thus I began using Sea Salts that have an infinite amount of minerals within them. Sea Salts provide a plethora of minerals that the physical body utilizes to bring about a physical sense of Well~BEing and a spiritual connection through the physicalness of the body. The content of Sea Salt also closely resembles that of the physical body’s blood content as well, according to what Nenari shared with me during the NTHE (Near Transitional Home Experience) I experienced. I purchase mine online through real salt as I have experienced that the Sea Salts from seem to have a wide variety of minerals within their salt and also is sweeter to the taste of the tongue. Also, the Sea Salt through contains 50 plus minerals which are vital for the physical body. So I use a combination of all of these ways of BEing, with Sea Salts being the primary use. Cell Salts are wonderful for children also, from infants on up, as the Bioplasma is pleasant tasting for children and provides the main minerals that they need as the physical body physically grows.

When using Sea Salts, it is recommended to use the type that has Iodine within it, as certain unrefined Sea Salt contains little or no Iodine, an essential mineral (which can also be ingested through Kelp supplements) for the physical body. I personally have noticed for me that I use more than the recommended amount I was originally gifted by Spirit and later discovered confirmation of within Dr. Batmanghelidji’s books and website (I am now as of the publication of this book ingesting 1 tsp per 28 to 32 ozs. of water), simply because there are moments when the physical body that my soul resides within is asking for more.

I am able to tell this by listening to the physical body’s signals which for me are an appearance of lethargy, swelling of the hands and feet, physical body rashes due to foods eaten when there is free from being a balance of water per amount of food within the body and so on. I have noticed this particular physical need for more Sea Salts when I am near and during my menstrual cycle, as the physical body uses these Sea Salts in the cleansing of the remnants and also in the purification of the blood when cycling. I have also seen souls whom have used the Sea Salts discover the taste to be perceived as too strong for them use gel capsules that you can purchase either online (the one I recommend is Capsuline capsules as they are inexpensive and great quality as well. My personal preference is the vegetarian capsules, however, there are an infinite variety of types and flavors too!) or in a local health store, to fill these capsules with the amount of salt in as many pills needed and ingest the Sea Salts in this manner.

To Be Continued in Part Four

Source by Dr. Nenari Diamond

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