What about that yellow color?

Many of my experiments at higher current produced a yellow product or an clear product that turned yellow after a few hours. [Agglomeration or crystallization] I stored it alongside clear samples for several months and found that the yellow had deposited on the glass of the container leaving the suspension clear. [Photo]

Color is an indication of particle size. The smallest particle has no color. The next size range up shows a yellow color, then violet, reddish and then greenish.

This correlation of color to particle size may not ‘always’ be ‘entirely’ true

The yellow color can also be a large amount of silver oxide particles suspended in the water as a *pigment* which eventually stick to the glass and also act as a nucleus for a crystal to form around [agglomeration]

A few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide will break these structures apart again by dissolving the oxide nucleus and/or quickly remove colored deposits.

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