What Are the Differences Between Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver

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It’s important to understand the difference between the two: colloidal silver and ionic silver.

Colloidal Silver is small silver particles suspended in a liquid. These particles are stable and suitable for both external (skin) and internal use. It is the most desirable form of the silver solution because it is more stable. Spooky2 can make true colloidal silver.

In contrast, ionic silver is silver atoms dissolved within a liquid. The particle size of ionic silver is one molecule which is much smaller than colloidal silver particles. Each atom is missing one electron, making them highly reactive. Ionic silver is converted into undesirable silver chloride when it encounters body salts, so it may not be useful if ingested.

Marketing hype has created confusion. Most “colloidal silver” being sold and made is in fact more than 90% ionic silver. Once inside the body, it becomes less effective. When you make colloidal silver there will always be ionic silver present. It is difficult to have a high colloidal silver content. Fortunately, the colloidal silver produced my spooky does have a high colloidal silver content, as it used a special waveform in very low currents. You can test the ionic silver content by adding salt to the solution, silver ions will turn the water cloudy as they turn into silver colloidal.



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