What Can Colloidal Silver Do for the Human Body?

Nowadays, society has turned to various methods in order to keep its population healthy and fit. Whether this involved natural products or vitamin-based dietary supplements, mankind has practically tried anything on the market. One of these products is colloidal silver, which is a dietary supplement made of pure silver and distilled water, and which, throughout the centuries, fulfilled multiple functions.

Hundreds of years ago, the pharmaceutical market was basically at its beginnings and, instead of nowadays’ antibiotics, people used natural products to prevent infections. Apparently, colloidal silver was one of the top products, due to its efficiency in supporting the immune system. With the expansion of medical world and consequently, the pharmaceutical industry, colloidal silver’s use did not increase. On the contrary, laboratories and specialists have discovered new uses of the product, such as stress relief, skin conditioner or better physical performance.

The rich concentration of silver molecules in colloidal silver basically destroys bacteria and viruses and keeps the immune system safe and sound. Moreover, products based on colloidal silver are non-toxic, nor do they lose power to act when in contact with other antibiotics or medical treatment. The silver component has been proven to be compatible with the human body and no tolerance limit has been found to prevent people from using it.

Furthermore, the use of colloidal silver does not have to be of long term, as in the case of antibiotics medication. If penicillin needs to be assimilated by the human body in a fortnight, colloidal silver does not impose any long-term treatment. This happens because of the fact that silver particles destroy viruses and germs from the first contact and, this way, bacteria and other human body microorganisms do not have time to develop a firewall against colloidal silver.

The human body has proved no problem in assimilating the silver molecules in the form of colloidal silver. Taken as syrup (one teaspoon with a meal three times daily) or vitamin pills shape, colloidal silver gives the body the necessary minerals. Some people eliminate the surplus by kidneys and lymph system, but those whose metabolism is slower don’t need to worry. If silver stocks molecules within the body, the immune system will use it as a prevention method for any incoming bacteria. This way, colloidal silver has been gaining more and more attention from specialists lately.

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