What is Argyria?

Argyria is A side effect of Silver when made with inferior water, heavy metal and taken in excess, was a condition called Argyria. The cause of this is when silver particles become lodged under the skin, fingernails and under the eyes giving the skin a blue grey look. Silver today is made in Colloidal form using pure distilled water. The particles are so light they float in the pure water, so in our bodies this Colloidal metal will float in the bloodstream and cellular fluids that can be easily absorbed and eliminated. This is why, today, Colloidal Silver is safe to use without the fear of Argyria.

One serving of Advanced Silver contains only 50 mcg of silver. One gallon of Advanced Silver contains 38400 mcg (.04 grams) of silver. So, twenty-five (25) gallons is needed to equal 1 gram of silver. If you can drink > 25 gallons of 10 ppm ionic-colloidal silver fairly quickly, you might be able to get blue or gray skin. [Some colloidal silver products contain up to 500 ppm of silver, or more, and such products do have the possibility of producing blue/gray skin.]

• Silver is excreted from the body quickly. 90% of silver is removed in just two days (EPA). So, if you are a frequent user of colloidal silver, taking an occasional week off from silver use may remove accumulations of silver. We suggest 10 days of silver use, followed by a 7 day break.

• The average human diet (if you ate all your fruits and vegetables) contains up to 88 mcg of silver (EPA).

• 88 mcg of silver is equal to 1.8 servings (almost two daily doses) of Advanced Silver.

There has been no allergenic reactions to silver reported in recorded history of the medicinal use of Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver does not react chemically within the body.

Having said that, Paul Karason became famous for becoming blue like a Smurf. His condition called Argyria was caused by improperly made Colloidal Silver that he made himself. He used low voltage DC which is very difficult to make Colloidal Silver because of the distilled water’s very high impedance. To overcome the high impedance of distilled water, he used high current ripping off large chunks of silver that fall out of suspension and added salt to increase the water’s conductivity. The use of salt generates silver chloride which is the cause of Argyria. Properly made Colloidal Silver does not have any of these side effects.

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