What is colloidal silver? | Colloidal silver benefits for humans | ANTIVIRAL | Coronavirus | Adrian

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This video is about colloidal silver and lists 25 colloidal silver uses and benefits for humans and animals. It is a potent antiviral for ALL viruses. It is perfect natural medicine.
Silver has been used for thousands of years for health and is one of the best natural cures. Thankfully it is now making a comeback in popularity as people rediscover its remarkable health properties.
Since making this video I have been reading of some remarkable studies on silver being a VERY EFFECTIVE cancer treatment. There are 50+ clinical studies that support this.

Colloidal silver is easily found in health food stores and online.

It turns out the one I mention in the video is actually Ionic silver which in my research is less desirable than true colloidal silver. I found this out after producing the video. So do LOOK FOR TRUE COLLOIDAL SILVER AND NOT IONIC SILVER.

Something like this should work:
Buy colloidal silver:

You can also get some small spray bottles around 50ml or 100 ml size.

You can get some decent colloidal silver that is clear – from what I understand you can check for the tyndall effect of the silver in the water. This article explains it pretty clearly:

You can make your own with a suitable generator:

Colloidal silver is a potent and effective:
anti inflammatory
antiviral (all virus are terminated by colloidal silver)

Here is a list of 25 colloidal silver uses:
pink eye
ear infections
recurrent sinus infections
acute cuticle infections
digestive health
candida albicans
chronic fatigue syndrome protocols
cuts and abrasions
wound care
insect bites
fungal problems and infections
bacterial infections and problems
skin care
anti-viral ( ALL viruses)
hepatitis c
epstein barr virus
Lung infection
Sore throat

Some of the best information on colloidal silver can be found in this forum. Some of the regular posters there are actual chemists. You can learn a lot by reading the posts.

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I have written a book on health and well-being. Nothing mainstream in here, just things I’ve observed and worked out that have helped me and others who have used the ideas.

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