What's the Maximum Safe Daily RFD Amount for Colloidal Silver Based on EPA Recommendation?

What’s the Maximum Safe Daily RFD Amount for Colloidal Silver Based on EPA Recommendation?

There are many websites, where you can check a sheet for recommendation or even use calculators, but there are three problems with that:
1. The values are conflicting and do not agree
2. They don’t show, how they did the math
3. These pages are made by colloidal silver manufacturers, which of course would have some incentive to lure people into consuming more to sell more

One of the best sites about colloidal silver on the internet is this one based on my experience: … but again … it’s a manufacturers website!

EPA established an oral Reference Dose (RfD), or daily intake limit, of 0.005 mg/kg/day for silver in 1991

… but how to do the math?

So here’s what’s my calculation:

1 mg = 1000 mcg
~ 5 mcg / kg / day
Example 70kg person
70 * 5 = 350 mcg / day

how to convert mcg to ppm?

1 ppm = 1 part per million
1 g (water at 4C) = 1 ml
~ 1 mcg = 1 ml with 1 ppm (both are 1/1000000)
350 mcg = 350 ml with 1 ppm or 1 ml with 350 ppm
e.g. in real life usually 35 ml with 10 ppm or about 17 ml with 20 ppm

the question is only – if we have to convert because of higher specific weight of silver ….(but ever page I’ve found about this says no – maybe it’s because we are talking about a suspension and not just pouring silver grains into water …)

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